Friday, October 28, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 10/28/16

Wax Melts 10/28/2016

It finally feels like fall in Los Angeles. It even rained a little! I can start melting fall scents.

I ended up placing a Rosegirls mini-melts order on 10/24. Mostly mixer scents to blend with the sampler chunks that I already own. When I used to melt a lot, I had Front Porch shaveables in Angie's Famous Cupcakes and Marshmallow. When I didn't like a scent that much, or if it was too strong, I'd blend it with one of these. I hope to use the mini-melts in the same way.

I melt my wax in a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.

Candles from the Keeping Room (CFTKR)

Apple Butter Pie, 1 tart -  tart baked apple mixed with various spices and a bakery note. I thought this would be sweeter with more pie crust. It reminds me of country themed gift shops with spiced apple candles and scented goods. Strong throw.

Apple Sugar Cookie Bread Dough, 1 tart - gahhh! So good. This is a sweeter apple with milder spices mixed with my favorite sugar cookie dough bread. It smells like really delicious apple baked goods. Like mini apple pies or something. I need a bigger bag of this next fall. Strong throw.

Pumpkin Crunch Pie, 1 tart - I love this. My husband likes it too. A delicious pumpkin pie scent. I can smell the creamy slightly spicy pumpkin batter and the pie crust. The pie crust has a nutty note, or maybe it's graham cracker? Not sure but it's so good. I have a Moonalisa body butter in Pumpkin Batter and it smells pretty much the same. I used to open up the jar just to smell it but now I can pop these tarts in the warmer. Strong throw.

Pumpkin Sugared Donuts, 1 tart - this reminded me of those hostess cinnamon mini donuts mixed with some pumpkin. I can really smell the donut mixed with spices. Strong throw.

Rendezvous Soy

Red Currant candle - my husband bought me this candle because he vaguely knows I like scented wax. One of his favorite scents is classic Red Current by Votivo. It's a tart berry scent, almost perfume-y. He found this version in a gift shop near our apartment. This smells nice but the throw is weak. So sad.


Dunk My Donut Royal Sugar Cookie Fluff Puffs, 1 chunk melt - this smelled wonky on cold sniff but when melted, it's a delicious sweet bakery scent. I think the strongest note is the cookie but I also detect the donut and the marshmallow fluff! So rich and creamy. Medium-strong throw for first 2 hours and then started fading out. To be fair, I didn't cure this one for two weeks so perhaps it would have lasted longer if I had waited.

Scoopable Tart Wax

Note: I melt these in a 20-watt lightbulb warmer

Strawberry Shortcake, 1 tbs - received this as a sample but I'm not a big fan of summer fruity bakery scents. Sometimes the fruit part smells too much like candy to me. I actually didn't mind this one although I don't plan on repurchasing. It reminded me of strawberries topped with that red glazed strawberry syrup. Sweet and slightly artificial. Strong throw, scent stuck to my hair! I ended up switching it out after two hours but it would have lasted longer.

Fall Fluff Puffs, 1.5 tbs - yum! Really sweet fall bakery goodness mixed into one scent. Sweeter than Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs. Maybe its' the Pumpkin Pecan Waffles or the Sweet Potato Pie. To me, it almost smelled like there was vanilla icing added but it's not in the scent description. Strong throw although after about 4 hours, the bakery part started fading and the spices became stronger.

Previously reviewed or old scents I melted:
  • The Bathing Garden Toffee Candy Apple
  • The Bathing Garden Vanilla Fig - this was a nice neutral vanilla scent with fig mixed in. Smells elegant or like a fancy boutique
  • CFTKR Caramel Pralines  - so strong! Rich buttery caramel goodness with a nutty note. 
  • CFTKR  Sugar Cookie Indian Bread
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rosegirls Flash Sale Sampler Haul & Cold Sniff Review

Rosegirls Flash Sale Samplers - October 2016

I ended up purchasing two samplers from the recent Rosegirls flash sales. They were 16 oz each. I was a little worried that they would melt in transit because there was a mini-heat wave in Los Angeles last week. 96 degrees in October! They were fine though, maybe a tiny bit of melting as you can see above. The last time I purchased anything from Rosegirls, it was much harder to order. I'm glad to see that's changed! I really love their blends, so unique and yummy.

Here's a quick cold sniff review. Sometimes I am reluctant to do cold sniff reviews because I find that many scents change when melted. Some of these smell wonky. But here goes:

Fluff Puff Sampler 

Note: Fluff Puffs is a blend of Rosegirls signature Monster Cookie and Marshmallow Smoothie. I love it! It's one of my favorite scents of all time. It smells like a brown sugar cookie (the cookie part of a chocolate chip cookie but without the chips) mixed with ultra smooth marshmallow fluff.

Banana Fluff Puffs - I was hoping this would smell like banana bread but the banana reminds me of Now & Later candies. So it's that mixed with marshmallow and a bakery cookie note.

Cider Donut Fluff Puffs - the cider is strong and almost smells boozy, I like it! The fluff puffs adds a nice bakery creaminess.

Dunk My Donut Royal Sugar Cookie Fluff Puffs - this smells odd on cold sniff. I get a sticky sweet marshmallow mixed with donut. But then there's a weird plastic smell. It'll probably go away when melted.

Pineapple Fluff Puffs - this brings back memories of pineapple shortbread cookies I used to eat as a kid. Really nice! 

Strawberry Buttercream Fluff Puffs - this reminds me of those strawberry wafers with the cream filling. The strawberry note initially reminded me of Nesquik.

Sweet Pumpkin Fluff Puffs - slightly spicy bakery pumpkin with sticky marshmallow. I can't pick out the monster cookie part but that might be because the pumpkin is strong.

Vanilla Hazelnut Mocha Fluff Puffs - this is stronger on the hazelnut mocha. It's a nice coffee scent.

Fruity Sampler

Apple Strudel Vanilla Bean Noel - mmmm, nice! Baked cinnamon apples mixed with VBN. I mostly get the apple strudel. Good scent for the fall.

Apricot Mango Sorbet - smells like a fun tropical cocktail! I get both the apricot and the mango but the mango gives it that tropical kick. There's a bit of creaminess to it too. Like a colada drink.

Green Apple Honeydew - the honeydew is a little stronger than the apple. The apple is sweet, not tart but that might be because the honeydew may add a lot of sweetness. A nice fruity blend.

Nilla Wafers and 7up Pound Cake - whoa, the 7up pound cake is the dominant note. It actually smells like the lemon lime soda mixed with baked goods.

Raspberry Cheesecake Stuffed Cannoli - this smells odd on cold sniff. Creamy raspberries with a weird plastic scent.

Serendipity Royal Sugar Cookies - this Serendipity is strong on the cherry vs. the coconut. A good blend. The sugar cookies gives it a nice bakery kick. 

Strawberry Creme Brulee - this reminds me of Hi-Chew Japanese chewy candies. Sweet and ultra fruity. The creme brulee adds just a hint of creaminess.

Triple Berry Jelly Donut - berry explosion. I barely get any donut. The berries remind me of candies vs. fresh berries. 

Overall the scents are quite nice! I am glad I purchased both samplers. Am I dying to buy full bags of any of these scents? No, but I like variety so the samplers are a nice way to try something new.

Rosegirls is opening their website on October 23 for mini-melter orders. I can't decide whether or not I'll place a small order. I don't particularly enjoy blending on my own but there are some single note scents that sounds nice like Marshmallow Smoothie and Peppermint.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with the company mentioned.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Wax Melts & Review 10/21/16

Melt Review 10/21/16

I used to do Weekly Wax Melts. I'm hoping to post melt reviews every couple of weeks.

I've mostly been melting old Candles from the Keeping Room (CFTKR). They still have a pretty good scent throw. I am very impressed with the shelf life of Carol's tarts. These tarts are about 2 years old or more.

Note: I melt my wax in a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.
  • Amish Friendship Bread - a creamy sweet bread with a little bit of an almond or cherry note. Very pleasant and cozy. 
  • Lemon Noel Sugar Cookie - a nice lemon bakery scent. I mostly get strong lemon and then a rich sugar cookie.
  • Ultimate Cheesecake - not quite like cheesecake, more buttery and rich. I can smell the graham cracker crust. When I had this melting, my husband came in and said, "what smells like butter?"
  • Vanilla Shake - I was expecting a creamy vanilla but this had an almost perfume-y quality, like expensive vanilla scented bath products. Maybe it's the cream soda in it. Pleasant. 
  Previously reviewed scents I melted:
  • Apple Dumpling from The Bathing Garden - this is better than I remember! Baked apples and lots of spices.
  • Serendipity from CFTKR - still love Serendpity and this once has a nice balance between the cherry and the coconut.
  • Wood Violet and Sugared Maple from CFTKR - a soft and sweet perfume-y floral. A nice break from bakery.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Confessions of a Wax Addict and CFTKR Fall 2016 Haul

CFTKR Haul Fall 2016
It's been a couple years since I've posted on this blog. In 2013 -2014, my life went through some big changes: I got married, moved, and was promoted at work. I wasn't able to melt as much and stopped buying wax. But when I moved, I realized just how much wax I had accumulated! It was a ton. I had to throw out most of my Front Porch stash because they were accidentally smashed and melted during the moving process. Recently I threw out even more wax because they didn't stand the test of time. It has been said that you should melt your wax within six months to one year of purchasing it. Well, I wasn't able to melt through everything that fast. Some of my Bathing Garden clams were eating through the plastic containers. My Lasting Scent Candles shots leaked oil all over the place and the bin became a sticky mess. Most of the other miscellaneous brands are losing their scent. The resilient tarts were the paraffin ones from Candles from the Keeping Room and Candles by Victoria. Even though they are a couple years old, they look great and most still have a strong throw. Since I don't melt as often, I need tarts with a longer shelf life.

I'm continuing to melt old wax but I recently placed some new orders. These are not the huge hauls of the past. I picked up scents I know I will melt within the year. I'll be honest, I truly did have a bit of an addiction. I bought too much wax, more wax than I could melt at the time. In the beginning, I liked the thrill of random openings, staying up for them, and sifting through my giant collection. I liked making lists of all my scents and watching that list grow. Facebook Wax Groups were the death of me since I felt they enabled my excessive buying.

But alas, my stash is down to what I consider a reasonable size. I used to have a whole buffet cabinet and several bins full of tarts. Now I'm down to two medium sized plastic boxes. There are lots of new (to me) vendors out there like Vintage Chic Scents and Dessa's Homespun Scents. I was tempted to try them but for now, I will pass.

I hope to use this blog as a journal to keep track of the scents I like so when I purchase tarts, I have a reference point.

Here's my most recent Candles from the Keeping Room haul from October. They're mostly apple and pumpkin scents since I ran out of both. The descriptions are from the website:
  • Apple Butter Pie - the perfect arrangement of tart pie apples, apple butter, evaporated milk, cinnamon, and buttery, flakey pie crust
  • Apple Cinnamon Donuts - a new CFTKR blend...our sweet apple and bakery cinnamon mixed with a wonderful cakey donut iced with a sweet glaze
  • Butternut Pumpkin - a rich, sweet, buttery winter squash with a fruit & almond top note, a spicy nutmeg, cinnamon, and cassia middle note and a milky-sweet vanilla and caramelized sugar base. I have iced these in a sweet marshmallow frosting
  • Caramel Praline Corn Pudding -  a sweet blend of our sugar corn pudding, caramel, brown sugar and glazed pralines..a wonderful new comfort scent
  • Pumpkin Crunch Pie - a super rich and strong pumpkin loaded with caramel, brown sugar, whipped creme, french vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon and hints of maple sugar
  • Pumpkin Sugared Donut Type - the smell of a fresh pumpkin doughnut sprinkled with sugar and spice
Generous samples:
  • Apple Sugar Cookie Bread
  • Caramel Pumpkin Swirl
  • Fruity Pebbles Cereal Milk
  • Harvest Sweet Potato 
  • Mulled Cider
  • Praline Pound Cake
  • Pumpkin Cream Soda
  • Twisted Peppermint
  • Wild Mountain Honey
I plan on placing another small CFTKR order during the November 12th re-opening. There are some scents that sold out very quickly and I hope to snag them this time!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Weekly Wax Melts & Reviews 8/23/13

Weekly Wax Melts 8/23/13

This week I decided to melt only previously reviewed scents. I have a whole bunch of half empty scent shots, clamshells and bags of tarts. I am trying to consolidate so I want to be able to throw out empty containers.

Note: I melt my tarts in a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.

This what I ended up melting:
  • The Bathing Garden Vanilla Layered Raspberry Guava - a great summer scent
  • Candles by Victoria Silent Bob Goes to the Beach - a fabulous tropical scent
  • CFTKR Coconut Strawberry Cake - I really like this for some reason. It's a great blend of fresh strawberry and coconut.
  • CFTKR Tea Cake - so good! 
  • Front Porch Bear Claw - it was a cooler night and I was in the mood for a rich bakery scent and this hit the spot. The next morning, I melted it again and it was way to strong in the heat. Made me feel kinda sick.
  • Front Porch Cotton Candy Cookies - an FP classic.
  • Front Porch Lemon Marshmallow - really good! A very popular FP scent.
  • Front Porch Nana's Banana Pudding - I usually really like this but it smelled too much like Runts candy this time. Huh.
  • Kissing Booth Lime Jello Cake - good but I wish it was stronger
  • Sugar and Spice Gourmet Pink Coconut Butter Fudge - strong and good, mostly Pink Sugar
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Weekly Wax Melts & Reviews 8/16/13

Weekly Wax Melts 8/16/13

The weather has been relatively mild in the LA. Valley. By mild I mean 85 degrees when it is usually 100. It's been nice. While I love the summer because I can spend more time at the beach, I can't wait for the fall. I am looking forward to melting some fall scents and bundling up in some sweaters and knee boots.

Note: I melt my tarts in a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.

The Bathing Garden 

Bunny Burps, 1 cube of clamshell - a nice light floral with green notes. Very springtime. Reminds me of some sort of lotion. Maybe Vaseline lotion that comes in the yellow container? Strong throw for one cube. Lasted over 6+ hours.

Buttercream Frosted Fresh Squeezed Orange, 2 cubes of clamshell - this is somewhat similar to Dreamsicle type scents but the orange part is more pronounced. It really does smell like a fresh squeezed orange. The buttercream part adds a creamy sweetness. Nice and pleasant on a summer day. Medium throw. Lasted about 5 hours.

Candles by Victoria

Strawberry Danish, 1/2 a scent shot - this is a very popular scent and I can't decide how I feel about it. It's not a sweet strawberry bakery scent. There's a savory note to it and some people describe it as salty. I actually think it's a blend of strawberry and cornbread. It's good but there is something odd about it. Or maybe I should use the word "unique." Medium throw in my living room. Melted for about 4 hours but it would have lasted longer. I've also reviewed this scent in candle form.

Shayz Scentz

Pink Dreams, 1/2 a scent shot - this smelled like oranges and Pink Sugar, the Pink Sugar being the dominant note. I looked up the scent description and I was mostly right: Pink Sugar, orange and lemon peels and a touch of vanilla with coconut. It was pleasant. Medium-strong throw in my bedroom. Lasted about 4 - 5 hours.

Sniff My Tarts

Serendipity Birthday, 1/2 a tart - several wax bloggers reviewed Serendipity scents last week and it inspired me to melt this tart. So goooood. The cherry coconut goodness of Serendipity blended with vanilla birthday cake, complete with icing. The Serendipity was the stronger note and it was a little bit heavier on the cherry. Strong throw in my bedroom. Melted on and off for two days for a total of about 6 hours.

Previously reviewed scents I melted this week:
  • Can-Do Candles Aunt Pattie's Pie Crust. Was in the mood for a lighter bakery scent.
  • Orchid Lake Candles Toasty Coconut. Want to melt as much coconut as I can before the fall season.
  • Rosegirls Monster Cookie Fluff Puffs. So. Very. Good. Love it.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Weekly Wax Melts & Reviews 8/9/13

Weekly Wax Melts 8/9/13

I hope everyone's been having a good week!

I haven't been keeping up with the wax world via Facebook lately. Every time I log on there is some sort of drama in this or that wax group. While I find it amusing in some ways, it causes me to lose faith in humanity. The anonymity on the internet allows a great deal of cyber bullying and I find myself wondering if these women would be so bold in real life. I also wonder if they were the ones bullied or unpopular in high school so now they have found a venue in which they can turn it around and be the a-hole. Because why so angry? Why so dramatic? Over scented wax?  Come on now. Regular well-adjusted human beings do not act like this. All I know is I want no part in it. What about you? Do you participate in the Facebook wax groups?

Note: I melt my tarts using a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.

Candles by Victoria

Barbados, 1/2 a scent shot - I've always loved tropical scents. I maybe even love them more than bakery scents because sometimes I just don't want my apartment smelling like baked goods. The scent description for this is papaya with hints of mulberry and coconut. I don't know if I would have guessed that this was papaya. I don't think I know what a papaya smells like. This does remind me of a juicy, fresh tropical fruit mixed with creamy coconut. Very good. Medium-strong throw in my bedroom. Lasted 8+ hours.

Candles from the Keeping Room

Coconut Marshmallow tart - I liked this one. It's really sweet though. Gooey marshmallow blended with what smells like toasted coconut candy. Medium-strong throw, lasted about 6 hours.

Front Porch 

Blackberry Marshmallow tart - I thought I would really like this since I like Blackberry Bread and Blackberry Butter Jam Cookies. But this one was almost too sweet. I was reminded of the Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. This is what I imagine the blackberry doll would smell like if one existed, a sweet and creamy candied blackberry. I guess I prefer blackberry mixed with a bakery note. I don't know if my nose was playing tricks on me but I also detected a hint of a floral note that some blackberry scents have been known to possess. Strong throw. Melted for 4 hours but it would have lasted longer.

Lasting Scent Candles

Vanilla Bean Mousse scent shot - mmmmm. A very nice creamy vanilla bakery scent. Fresh vanilla beans mixed with a rich mousse. Something about it almost smells caramelized. Melting this right now. Medium throw.

Nene's Kitchen Melts

Strawberry Butter Cookie scent shot - not a fan. The scent itself was strong but I didn't like the way it smelled. The strawberry part was off, artificial like chemicals. I melted this for about 2 hours and then switched it out.

Orchid Lake Candles

Iced Lemon Biscotti, 1/2 a scent shot - this reminds me of Pics, Petals and Scents famous Iced Lemon Cookies. The lemon smells the same, makes me think of 7-Up although I may be the only one who thinks this. So a bright citrusy lemon blended with a sweet bakery note. Strong throw. Lasted 8+ hours.

Previously reviewed scents I melted this week:
  • Front Porch Orange Marmalade Bread
  • Lasting Scent Candles Lemon Custard Cookies. So amazing. I looooove this scent so much.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.