Monday, December 26, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 12/26/2016

Melts 12/26/2016

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season! My family celebrates Christmas so the past couple days have been busy hopping from house to house for Christmas parties. I love the holidays! It's so nice to spend time with family and just eat a ton of food. And who doesn't love presents?

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This week I melted most of my tarts in a 20-watt light bulb warmer unless otherwise specified.

Candles from the Keeping Room (CFTKR)

Caramelized Praline Sugar Corn Pudding, 1 toast shaped tart - this was good but very rich and sweet. A little too sweet. What I got was a sticky caramelized mixture combined with a sweet and creamy cornbread. I prefer plain Sugar Corn Pudding and I actually tried to snag some but it sold out quickly during the last few restocks. Strong throw. Melted in a 24-watt hot plate warmer. 

Scoopable Tart Wax

Hansel & Gretel House, 1 heaping tablespoon - I only bought this because Hansel & Gretel is similar to one of my favorite scents of all time: The Bathing Garden's Frosted Vanilla Graham Crackers. Maybe they are the same scent! The BG site didn't have it in stock so I hunted down an alternative. To me, it smells like a lot of creamy vanilla icing and cinnamon sugar dusted graham crackers. Love. Medium-strong throw.

Sniff My Tarts

Marshmallow Cake Noel/Granny's Kitchen/Danish Butter Cookies, 1 chunk -  this was a ready-to-ship scent and it was interesting in a good way. On cold sniff, it was not good. Something in it reminded me of cardboard. However, once melted, it turned into a delightful holiday bakery blend. To me, the strongest note is the Granny's Kitchen was includes spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. But it's softened by the other two scents. The butter cookie adds a buttery richness as well. Medium-strong throw.

Vintage Chic Scents (VCS)

Abomindable Snow Monster, 1/4 of poinsettia - this is a nice creamy chocolate peppermint scent. There's also coffee and marshmallow but they take the back seat. It basically smells like a cup of delicious peppermint hot cocoa with a hint of coffee. Strong throw.

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy/Fred & Wilma/15 Minutes of Fame, 1 smaller coin -  ohhh, this was good. I've been getting in to cereal scents blended with some bakery. This is a mix of: Lemon Blueberry Meringue Pie, fruity pebbles, rice krispie treats, and gooey marshmallows, and Fruity Loops Pomegranate. The fruity cereal and the bakery lemon are the strongest notes but the pomegranate adds a crisp tartness to the whole blend. Strong throw.

Tara Will Never Go Hungry Again, 1/3 of jumbo rose - really love this. Definitely in my top 5 VCS scents.  Wildberry Mousse Marshmallow Zucchini Bread. What I smell is a yummy wildberry and vanilla cake, not birthday cake. No icing, just the cake part. The zucchini bread is very creamy. Medium-strong throw.

Previously melted or old scents I melted this week:
  • Candles by Victoria - Peppermint Bark candle
  • CFTKR Apple Cinnamon Donuts 
  • CFTKR City of Lights 
  • Front Porch Mrs. Claus' Cookies/Santa's Whiskers
  • VCS Jackie O/Scarlett & Rhett
  • VCS Lucy & Ethel/Philadelphia Story + Jackie O
  • VCS Milk Glass
  • VCS The Warrens Zucchini 
 Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the vendors mentioned.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 12/16/2016

Melts 12/16/2016

I can't believe the holidays are fast approaching. We bought a small 3.5 foot Christmas tree for our apartment and purchased the ornaments from Target. It's our first tree (we've been together for about 3 years) and I will admit that every time I see the tree it makes me feel happy!

On to the melts!

Note: I melt my tarts in a 24-watt hot plate warmer unless otherwise specified.

Candles from the Keeping Room 

Fruity Pebbles Cake Pops, 1 tart - this was freakin' good. My husband said it's his favorite of all the scents I've melted so far. Too bad I only had this one sample! It mostly smells like Fruity Pebbles cereal which is milder on the sharp citrus than Fruit Loops although they are very similar. The Fruity Pebbles is mixed with a creamy vanilla cake scent which I love. I don't like straight up cereal scents but the bakery added to this blend is just so good. Strong throw. 

Front Porch

Mrs. Claus' Cookies/Santa's Whiskers, 1/8 of jumbo frosted cookie - loved this! A blend of Christmas cookies, which is a sugar cookie type, topped with icing and peppermint chips and Christmas cookies and pine tree. Very festive! All the notes come through although I think the peppermint and pine are strongest. The cookie adds a creamy bakery note in the background. The hubs loved this one too. Strong throw.


Rosegirls is currently open for sampler pre-sales! I'm skipping this opening but I was tempted by the tropical sampler.

Streuselkuchen + Strawberry Jam, mini-melt combo - Way back when I was hoarding tarts, Rosegirls had a Strawberry Streuselkuchen scent that I loved! I can't remember if this is similar but this blend was good! The Streuselkuchen coffee cake is more buttery than I remember and is still a very nice bakery cinnamon. I only used 1 cube of Strawberry Jam so that scent lingered in the background. Also, I think my nose was playing tricks on me but for some reason, I smelled a little bit of banana! Medium-strong throw.

Vintage Chic Scents 

Note: Melted in a 20 watt light bulb warmer unless otherwise specified.

Beautiful Jackie O, 1 oz of loaf - really liked this one. It's a blend of Jackie O and Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin'. Scent notes: Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel Buttermilk Pancakes Maple Syrup Sugar Cookie Dough. It reminds me of the smell of cute little bakery/breakfast shops. I get the cakes and cookies but the maple syrup and pancakes are also there! I thought the maple syrup might be lost in all the other notes but it actually adds a nice richness to Jackie O. Medium-strong throw.
Beehive, 1 smaller coin - definitely in the top 3 of my favorite VCS scents! This is Lemon Coconut Cream Butter Cake Zucchini Bread. To me, it smells like delicious creamy lemon pound cake. It's just so good. The scent Sunny Side of the Street is similar but without the zucchini bread. I will say that the zucchini bread makes it so much better to me. It adds more bakery whereas I find Sunny Side of the Street very lemony (at least on cold sniff). Strong throw.

Jackie O with Scarlett & Rhett overpour, 1 ounce of loaf - I reviewed Scarlett & Rhett last week and I lurve it. This basically smells the same with perhaps just a bit more creaminess from the Jackie O but overall, a delicious bakery blend. Scarlett & Rhett: Bear claws, vanilla custard, and granny’s pie crust. Jackie O: Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel. Medium-strong throw.

O Holy Night, 1 smaller coin - strong throw and very yummy! Butter Pecan Shortbread with Zucchini Bread. The butter pecan is a rich buttery caramel and nuts. The shortbread and zucchini bread add a dense cakey bread note. You can definitely smell the zucchini bread in this, there's a mild hint of that spice that's sometimes found in zucchini scents. Strong throw.

The Witching Hour, 1 flower shape -this is Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cinnamon Glazed Baklava. Also a very good one! I mostly get the cinnamon baklava complete with flaky pastry and honey nut glaze but it's stuffed with a little pumpkin cream cheese filing. I definitely detect the cream cheese. Medium-strong throw.

Previously reviewed or older scents I melted this week:
  • VCS Cookie Baking at Mom's
  • VCS Lucy & Ethel/Philadelphia Story + Jackie O
  • VCS Milk Glass
  • VCS Scarlett & Rhett
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the vendors mentioned.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 12/11/2016

Melts 12/11/2016

I've been liking most of the new scents I've been melting. I realized it's because I'm not as adventurous as I used to be when I order wax. I pretty much know I like bakery, fruity bakery, tropical scents, herbal lavenders, and occasionally some light florals. I generally don't care for fizzy, super sweet fruity, candy, or clean laundry types. I used to buy those scents or at least try them. Now, not so much. There were some fruity and fizzy scents that I purchased through samplers but I ended up destashing them because in the end, I won't melt them.

The struggle to not be a wax hoarder is so real! There are so many new to me vendors out there that I want to try like Purple Fox, Candy Panda, and Dessa's. So far I have resisted. I also want to buy a lot more Candles from the Keeping Room! I've been wondering what happened to some of the vendors that were popular back in 2013 like Pics, Petals and Scents and Haley's Heavenly Scents. I don't hear about them anymore.

I admit my collection is growing, mostly because of my VCS haul and some destashes that I purchased. One of my favorite bath and body vendors, Moonalisa, will start selling tarts through the Mooscents website soon, next week I believe. I am looking forward to seeing what's offered. Her b&b scents are so good and I hope that translates well to wax melts. On to the reviews:

Vintage Chic Scents

Note: I melted these in a 20-watt lightbulb warmer unless otherwise specified.

Blackberry Milk Glass, 1 small flower - the blackberry in this dilutes the scent of the sugar milk found in plain Milk Glass which is wildberry, cake batter, and sugar milk. The blackberry is fruity and fresh, not perfumey. If the sugar milk note in the original Milk Glass is too strong for you, you may find this more pleasant. While I like them both, I prefer the original because I love a good sugar milk scent. I might be in the minority though. People seem to love this blend. Medium throw.

Margot's Ballerina Clouds, 1 small flower - this was better than I thought it would be! I love coconut cream pie scents and this smells like tropical coconut cream mixed with gooey marshmallows. Delicious! Love it and I wish I had more. Seems like a good blending scent. Medium-strong throw.

Sanderson Sisters, 1 smaller coin - when I first started getting into VCS, this was the scent everyone was raving about on Facebook. It was around Halloween and the Sanderson Sisters are the witches in Hocus Pocus. Scent notes: Green Apple Caramel Candy Corn Marshmallow. It's good! I definitely smell the crisp green apple. It's blended with a very creamy sweet note which is all the other scents. Medium-strong throw.

Scarlett & Rhett, 1/3 of jumbo rose - so good! I love bear claw scents and this is a mix of bear claws, pie crust, and marshmallow. It smells like a delicious gooey bear claw pastry. I can smell the filling and the dough. I hunted down this scent in the destash Facebook groups because I wanted more. Medium throw.

Strawberry Fields Forever, 1/3 of jumbo rose - smells like warm strawberry cake. Really nice. Scent notes are strawberries and cream with zucchini bread. The zucchini is very creamy. Medium-strong throw. Melted in a 24 watt hot plate warmer.

Super Moon, 1 smaller coin - this is a mix of things like funnel cake, cinnamon donuts, marshmallow, and blackberry jam butter cookies. I mostly get the blackberry jam mixed with bakery notes. It reminds me of a blackberry jam filled pastry or danish. Really good! Wish it was slightly stronger, melted in a 20-watt light bulb warmer. Maybe I'll try a hot plate next time. Medium throw.

The Warrens Zucchini, 1 oz of loaf - this is amazing! Definitely one of my favorites. Cider Lane type (which smells like caramel apples to me, the caramel being sweet and rich), cinnamon donuts, marshmallows and a very creamy zucchini bread. The Cider Lane is the dominant note but everything else adds a creamy bakery touch. I haven't melted the original Warrens yet and I'm curious to see how this smells without the zucchini bread. Love the zucchini version. Strong throw.

Previously reviewed or old scents I melted this week:
  • CFTKR Peppermint Bark - this tart was from 2013 and maybe the oils started going bad but this smelled like peppermint bark and rancid dairy products. Had to switch it out.
  • Rosegirls Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Fluff Puffs - one of my favorite Rosegirls blends.
  • Rosegirls Sweet Pumpkin Pie Fluff Puffs - yum! So good. Need more next year.
  • VCS Cooking Baking at Mom's
  • VCS Lucy in the Sky with Cookies
  • VCS Priscilla's Wedding - man, I love this. Glad I have a big bag of it. 
  • VCS Strawberry Jackie O
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 12/3/2016

Melts 12/3/2016
Lots of good melts again this week. I can't believe it's already December! Year has flown by. I'm looking forward to this upcoming holiday season although I really need to start buying gifts - will do that today! I did some shopping on Black Friday but I ended up treating myself. My favorite on-line store, Shopbop, was having a big sale so I went a little nuts.

As for wax, I ended up placing a custom Sniff My Tarts order when they opened for an hour on December 1st. I told myself that I wasn't going to order since the TAT is up to 6 months but I am weak. I also placed a small pre-order for wax and scrubs from Cosmic Cleanse. There were some tea & cake blends that sounded amazing like tea & cakes with churros. Most of her other stuff is super fruity fizzy scents and I don't really care for that type. On to the melts:

Candles From the Keeping Room

Praline Pound Cake, 1 tart - very rich! A sticky sweet caramel blended with nuts and a little buttery pound cake. The pralines is the stronger note. A very warm and comforting blend, also very sweet. Melting this right now, strong throw.

Front Porch

Peppermint Marshmallow Sugar Cookies, 1 grubby tart - I requested this scent so I was happy when it showed up in stock. This sucker was stroooong. A really creamy peppermint. I didn't really get any sugar cookie but that might be because the peppermint was so dominant. Had to turn it off after three hours. Melted again the next day. Strong throw.

Vintage Chic Scents

Cookie Baking at Mom's, 1/4 poinsettia - mmmm, so cozy and delicious. Smells like warm gingerbread cake baking in the oven. I think the scents are gingerbread, cinnamon buns, and sugar cookies but it just smells like a nice gingerbread blend, not too spicy or overwhelming. Not too sweet either. Medium-strong throw. 

Hitchcock Presents/Tara Will Never Go Hungry Again/Strawberry Cheesecake, 1/2 of jumbo rose - so very good. A creamy zucchini bread blended with wildberry and blueberries. There's a bunch of other things in this scent but that's what stands out to my nose. The zucchini bread doesn't have that Fritos note, it's nice and creamy. Lovely bakery blend. Strong throw.

Lucy & Ethel/Philadelphia Story (overpour), 1 oz. of loaf - I was so excited to try this blend. Got it through a destash. It was not what I was expecting but it's nice! The pistachio is strong and it smells more like cherry than I thought it would. I mean, it really smells like cherry. There's no perfume note that some pistachio scents possess. When melted, all the other scents come out like the marshmallow and the strawberry passion. It's a creamy strong pistachio and every now and then I get whiffs of the strawberry. Strong throw. 

Lucy in the Sky with Cookies, 1 sample scent shot - this is similar to Strawberry Jackie O. However, it's sweeter with a little more bakery. It smells like strawberry buttercream frosting whereas Strawberry Jackie O reminds me of strawberry kefir yogurt drinks. I really like them both. Medium-strong throw.

Milk Glass, 1 smaller coin - out of all the VCS scents, I wanted to try this one the most and it didn't disappoint! I love sugar milk scents and this is a lovely blend of wildberry mousse, cake batter, and sugar milk. All of the scents come through. Like a sweet berry cream cake mixed with warm rich condensed milk. Love it although I wish the throw was stronger. Medium throw.

Priscilla's Wedding, 1/2 a smaller coin - another good sugar milk scent. I love it! A sweet herbal lavender blended with creamy cake and condensed milk. I'm so happy that this lavender is more herbal than that sweet perfume-y laundry lavender. I dislike the laundry kind. Melted in a 20-watt lightbulb warmer in my bedroom. Medium throw. 

Rear Window, 1 smaller coin - I have mixed feelings about this scent. It is lovely but sometimes odd. Cranberry Pizzelle (Italian waffle cookie) Noel. Thankfully the cranberry doesn't smell syrup-y but it is weirdly fragrant/perfume-y next to the bakery notes. Maybe it's just my nose. Medium-strong throw. [Edit: I'm melting this again right now in my bedroom and it is really nice, I changed my mind. I definitely like it. The cranberry mixed with the bakery is delightful, the cranberry being the dominant note.]

Sniff My Tarts

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Frosting/Cinnamon Glazed Donuts/Pastry Bake, 1 chunk - oh this was yummy. Smelled like a delicious cream cheese pastry dessert with a dash of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. Really warm and creamy. I wish I ordered more of this during the recent SMT custom sale opening.  I ordered stuff but not this mix. Medium-strong throw.

Previously reviewed or old wax I melted:
  • CFTKR Butternut Pumpkin -spicy bakery! I was in the mood for this after seeing (and smelling) those cinnamon brooms at Trader Joes.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 11/24/2016

Melts 11/24/2016

Happy Thanksgiving! Tonight is dinner with the family and then heading to Laguna Beach, CA for the rest of the week for a mini-vacation.

Melted some good scents these past few days! I've also had some small hauls come in from Front Porch (two peppermint scents) and a $25 flash sale haul from Sniff My Tarts. I'll be melting those soon!


Apple Strudel Vanilla Bean Noel, 2 chunk tarts - a nice bakery cinnamon apple blend. The cinnamon is subtle and I couldn't quite pick out the VBN but it did smell like an apple pastry. At first I tried one chunk and the throw was pretty weak so I tossed another one in. Overall, scent had medium throw.

Cider Donut Fluff Puffs, 1 chunk tart - this was yummy. The cider smells almost boozy and it's mixed with a creamy bakery note. I don't necessary get donuts or cookies but the bakery is there. Medium-strong throw. 

Fall Festival, 1 chunk tart - I have mixed feelings about this scent. The cranberry smells syrupy which I don't like but mixed with the other scents like bear claws and funnel cake, it's nice. There were moments when I caught whiffs of the bakery notes and I thought "mmm" but after a couple hours that bakery faded and all that was left was syrupy cranberry sauce that a little bit reminded me of flavored cough syrup. Strong throw.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Fluff Puffs, 2 small chunk tarts - so very very good. It doesn't necessarily smell like pumpkins. Maybe more like sweet bakery and waffles with a tiny bit of non-spicy pumpkins. The Fluff Puffs really comes through. Medium throw and scent faded out after about four hours.

Vintage Chic Scents (VCS)

Strawberry Jackie O, 1 smaller coin - fantastic! I love it, reminds me of strawberry kefir yogurt drinks. It's fruity, creamy, with a hint of tartness.  Maybe it's because the strawberries are supposed to be "fresh" rather than jam or preserves. Scent notes: Fresh Picked Strawberries Marshmallow Birthday Cake Vanilla Bean Noel. Strong throw.

Thanksgiving Day Parade, 1/2 a rose - I only cured this one for about 3 weeks.  It started out nice but the scent faded fast. Smelled really good. I've decided I like cream cheese frosting scents and you really get the pumpkins and the cream cheese frosting. Scent Notes: Pumpkin Coconut Cream Pie Cream Cheese Frosting Vanilla Waffle Cone. Melted in a 20-watt lightbulb warmer. Medium-strong throw at first but then faded after 2 hours. Sad.

Upstairs at Graceland, 1 sample scent shot - my first VCS melt! To me, the strongest note in this was the pancakes which smelled more like fresh pancake batter with a hint of bakery cinnamon. It was that mixed with something creamy and sweet. Description from website: Apple Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes with Cream Cheese Filling. Melted in a 20-watt light bulb warmer. Medium-strong throw.

Walt's Halloween Parade, 1 coin - the dominant note in this to me was the funnel cakes. Sweetened fried dough with a very slight almond note. Not sure if the almond was supposed to be there but it was to my nose. I didn't get a lot of the pumpkin.  This was a light scent in that it wasn't overwhelming.  It just filled the air with a pleasant sweetness. Scent notes: Funnel Cake, Powdered Sugar, Pumpkin and Whipped Cream. Medium throw.

Previously reviewed or old scents I melted:
  • CFTKR Apple Butter Pie - I've decided I don't like this scent that much. It reminds me too much of potpourri! I don't think it smells like an apple pie.
  • CFTKR Calabrian Bergamont and Violets - a very pleasant clean floral. It reminded me of a nice smelling soap. 
  • CFTKR Caramel Sticky Buns Cornbread - amazing! This is such a rich bakery blend. All the scents come through.
  • CFTKR Pumpkin Sugar Donuts
  • Rosegirls Oooey Gooey Baked Zucchini Bread - this was an old bag but throw was stroooong. Makes me want to eat a bag of cookies. Gooey caramel bakery scent. Finished the bag.
  • Sniff My Tarts Brown Sugar Zucchini Bread - this did not smell good on cold sniff but it was much better melted. A semi-spicy zucchini mixed with rich brown sugar. Both scents came through. The zucchini had a slightly Frito-like note but the brown sugar almost drowned it out.
  • Scoopable Tart Wax Hypnotic Vanilla Streuselkuchen
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vintage Chic Scents: First Impression

VCS Haul November 2016
I was excited to place my first Vintage Chic Scents (VCS) order on November 9th. Everyone seems to love VCS in the wax world and I am late to the party. When I first read about how to order from this vendor, I was discouraged because I really dislike stalking Facebook all day just to order wax. It makes me feel like a crazy person. The owner, Kirby, does not give a specific time for when she will open, she just lists the day of the month [Edit: for the next opening, she specified a 5 hour window]. I believe she restocks monthly and items sell out pretty quickly. So when I found out the website would be restocked on November 9th, I did not get my hopes up although I really wanted to try many of her scents.

Here are some helpful ordering tricks I discovered through Facebook posts and other blogs:
  • Create a wishlist on the website a couple days before the opening. When the store opens, you just have to move the items from your wishlist to the cart.
  • Use the "control" button in order to open new tabs when you move items from your wishlist to your cart. This way you don't have to keep navigating back to the wishlist page. You can just switch from tab to tab. Be careful though, if you have a lot of stuff to move, you'll have lots of tabs open. You want to make sure you refer to the correct cart. 
  • The cart does not "save" items so if someone checks out before you and an item sells out, it will be removed from your cart. I've discovered that some people order the things they must have first and then they come back for other items later. Some people place like 3 or 4 orders per opening.
On November 9th, I woke up at around 6:30 am Pacific Time for work and the site was open! Some of the stuff I wanted was already sold out (like Cinderella's Gown and the Lucy & Ethel blend) but I was able to purchase most of the items on my wishlist. In fact, I think many of the items I ordered were available for most of the morning. I was under the impression she sold out immediately or closed quickly like Candles from the Keeping Room but that is not the case.

I received my order on November 14th. Fast TAT! Very pleased!

VCS wax is so pretty...and I am sucker for well packaged pretty things. I really liked everything from my order so I am happy about that. The roses were waaay bigger than I thought they would be but the loaves much smaller. I have no sense of scale when I look at photos of these items. Everything, and I mean everything, smells delightful.

Here's what I ordered:

  • Blossom Bag in Milk Glass
  • Deluxe Blossom Bag in Jackie O
  • Deluxe Blossom Bag in Strawberry Jackie O (waiting for this to arrive in the mail)
  • Cream Cheese Frosting Rose Quartet: The Witching Hour; Upstairs at Graceland; Thanksgiving Day Parade and It’s a Wonderful Cream Cheese Life
  • Be Grateful Rose Quartet: Thanksgiving Day Parade; A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving; The Great Pumpkin and Cranberry Great Pumpkin
  • Zucchini Sampler: Tara Will Never Go Hungry Again; Purple Haze; Beehive; Saturday Evening Post; Strawberry Fields Forever; Phantom of the Opera; Aunt Nellie’s Holiday Treat; Aunt Nellie’s Autumn Supreme; Aunt Bee; Before Midnight; Going Hollywood; Fred and Wilma Zucchini
  • Loaf in Grandma's Pearl leaves with Priscilla's Wedding overpour
  • Loaf in The Warren's Zucchini
  • Loaf in White Zombie Leaves and Holiday Affair overpour
For the VCS scent list, click hereI haven't melted anything yet and I hope the scents are strong because the blends are fantastic.
VCS is reopening on December 13th!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this company. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 11/12/2016

Wax Melts & Reviews 11/12/2016

There were lots of wax re-openings this week!
  • November 9 - Vintage Chic Scents. I logged on when I woke up for work and there were still scents left! Even today there are some items available. Haul post to come.
  • November 10 - Scoopable Tart Wax restock. Ordered 3 items.
  • November 10 - Rosegirls. Skipped this one although I believe they are open for the whole weekend.
  • November 12 - Candles from the Keeping Room. I missed the opening because I overslept. The site was only open for something like 20 minutes. Oh well. I decided to donate the money I would have spent to this charity.
Not a lot of new scents this week but I did buy a new "modern design" Glade warmer from Target. I think one of my warmers is broken. It gets so hot that sometimes the wax starts steaming. I had to throw it out because it was scaring me.

Jo Malone

Sweet Almond & Macaroon mini candle - so good! For a small candle, throw was good. A sweet and creamy almond (kinda like cherry) scent with a bakery kick. Love.


Oatmeal Raisin Cookie and Pie Crust, 1 chunk tart - this doesn't smell like oatmeal cookies. It is nice, but it mostly reminds me of something baking in the oven. I think I mostly get the pie crust - a very pleasant and sweet bakery scent, mild and comforting. Medium throw. Melted in a 20-watt light bulb warmer.

Previously reviewed or old scents I melted:
  • Candles by Victoria Granny's Apron - pie crust + zucchini bread, I think. This zucchini had a little bit of that Fritos corn chip note that I don't like. Although when my husband came home from work he said, "I thought you were baking something, it smells nice. But then I remembered I've never seen you bake anything. Is it a candle?" Ha! Sad but true.
  • CFTKR Brown Sugar Pecan -  I didn't like this one. Maybe the tart was too old but there was something in the background of the scent that remind me of rancid milk.
  • CFTKR Pink Sugared Peppermint - still such a good scent for nighttime. My husband likes this one too. The Pink Sugar cuts the bite of the peppermint.
  • CFTKR Sugar Milk - still love this although I know some people think it smells like sour milk. I get sweet condensed milk or maybe a frothy warmed sweet milk.
  • CFTKR Sugar Milk and Cookies - I don't know if Carol even makes this scent anymore but it was a favorite. Rich sugar cookies mixed with creamy condensed milk. 
  • CFTKR Tea and Cake - so good! Something about the scent reminds me of 7-Up soda but it is pleasant and not overwhelming.
  • Rosegirls Streuselkuchen - finally finished the bag 
  • Scoopable Tart Wax Fall Fluff Puffs - yums
  • Sniff My Tarts Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake - so very good. Melted my last one. May have to reorder when customs are available some time this month. Although with a 4-month TAT, I probably won't order.
Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the companies or organizations mentioned.